Our Services

BOK Business Solutions is a leading consultancy firm that caters to various industries and business segments. We help our clients transform their business practices and operations to achieve their objectives and goals sooner. Our unique approach to business solutions relies on gaining the necessary insights about our clients and their businesses, before creating a detailed plan to achieve success. As a consultancy firm that has been offering Turnkey Solutions for over 20 years, we take pride in offering reliable and executable solutions to our clients that enhances their operational capacity while lowering costs. Our comprehensive set of services allows our clients to rest assured their business is in the right hands. With our various services under one roof, corporate clients can easily maintain one-point-of contact for all their corporate solutions. Our consultants are highly experienced individuals with years of industry specific exposure and can help you gain a fresh perspective about your business to create new milestones and benchmarks in order to achieve your corporate goals.


Agile consultancy helps businesses improve their productivity and product innovation, allowing them to innovate their products and services. With our agile consulting, you can revamp your business operations, especially in product development and manufacturing to roll out quicker updates, improve manufacturing process, and more. As agile consultants, we believe in offering our clients efficient and reliable solutions that can mitigate their obstacles and achieve the desired results in the most efficient manner.

Cost Transformation

Managing costs is vital for organizational success in today’s competitive era. Many businesses fail to identify financial leakages that ultimately drain their resources, leading to lower returns on investment (ROI) and profits. At BOK Business Solutions, we specialize in cost optimization, transforming businesses to maintain leaner practices and lowering costs. Our expert consultants with years of experience in the field assess businesses in depth to highlight leakages that are often overlooked during the process and help our clients strengthen their cost management techniques for higher savings and better returns.

Customer Service

For any industry, catering to the needs of the customers and offering exceptional service throughout the business transaction is vital for long-term success. Failing to keep the customers satisfied can lead to loss of potential long-term clients, making it difficult to increase profits. BOK Business Solutions is a reliable consultant that has served various industries in the past in optimizing their customer services to ensure a high ratio of satisfied customers. Our innovative approach and comprehensive modeling allow our clients to ensure their customers’ experience is satisfactory throughout their entire tenure.


One of the key success factors for businesses these days is diversification. Business diversification allows organizations to tap into newer markets, introduce new services and products, and expand their business portfolio to generate higher returns. Conventional business practices and long-term plans need to be revisited every fiscal year to update their goals and objectives. At BOK Business Solutions, we can help you assess your business performance, identify scope for potential diversification, and formulate a strategy to make it a success.

Full Transformation

One of the key requirements for modern business society is to continually update their systems, practices, policies, and procedures to maintain lean operations and stay on par with their competitors. Stagnant and outdated methodologies can result in ultimate business failures. We help our customers gain valuable insights about market conditions and industry trends to attune their business practices and transform their corporate structure to align with industry norms. Our experts assist our clients throughout their transformation journey to ensure the best practices are applied.

Learning and Development

For any corporation, learning and development is critical for expansion and growth and BOK Business Solutions can help your business reach its potential using the right techniques. Our expertise in business consultancy allows us to focus on expanding our client’s business territory by learning new methods that are efficient and effective. We help companies develop newer products and services that are in line with market expectations to create a success factor that significantly contributes to their corporate objectives.

Operations and Management

BOK Business Solutions is an expert in Operational Management and can help startups, as well as established businesses reform their operations and management practices. Our core competency lies in developing effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that allow our clients to get a holistic view of organizational performance, in order to make the best decisions that can improve their operational capacity. Moreover, our development solutions are focused on a result-oriented approach towards organizational performance and efficacy.


Organizational culture and organizational structure influences performance that directly affects business profits and revenues. BOK Business Solutions helps organizations maintain their culture and deploy their resources efficiently by planning their structure and policies to maintain efficient operations that are focused on better results and organizational goals. Our methodology is to understand our customers and their businesses, to curate custom plans that can improve their organizational structure and performance.


Vendor management and procuring raw materials and equipment for a business is a hectic and tedious process. Without adequate market research and knowledge, businesses are likely to increase their expenses and lower their margins. BOK Business Solutions have an extensive network of vendors and suppliers allowing our clients to benefit from the best deals in the market. Our procurement services help your business find supplies and equipment at highly competitive rates, without adding administrative burden to exploring market options.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing are the backbone for any business and source for all revenues. Modern businesses need to strengthen their marketing efforts and deploy various innovative approaches to ensure their products and services reach the end consumer in a cost-effective, yet efficient manner. We can help you formulate a reliable sales and marketing strategy that not only uses the best practices in the industry, but also ensures optimal sales performance to increase cash flows and revenues.


BOK Business Solutions has been a pioneer in business consultancy and helped a magnitude of businesses align their operations to meet their long-term objectives in the most efficient manner. We are experts at what we do and help businesses transform their practices to reach their desired goals sooner. Our strategy formulation comprises a 360 degree approach to business success, evaluating various facets, and possibilities to find the most effective strategy to reach their long-term objectives.


Business sustainability is vital for longevity and continuation of business activities for a foreseeable future. BOK Business Solutions helps its corporate clients determine their sustainability goals and find the shortest path to achieve their goals. We help our clients understand organizational sustainability goals and identify various benchmarks and milestones to ensure optimal performance.

Social Responsibility

Corporations need to maintain their social responsibility in order to leave an impact on their stakeholders and increase their brand recognition. Contributing towards society and the environment is essential to maintain a positive brand image in the market. While businesses can find it difficult to align their social responsibility and operational tactics, BOK Business Solutions can help your company become a responsible corporate citizen that actively contributes towards society.