Event Productions

BOK Productions takes pride in offering comprehensive services to its corporate clients. We act as a one window solution for all your business needs, including Event Management and Planning. Over the years of our corporate existence and exposure, we have served a wide variety of industries, helping them manage their Events, Seminars, Workshops and more. Our expertise lies in offering our clients a worry-free experience by taking their administrative burden away, ensuring peace of mind. Corporate events require careful planning and execution to ensure optimal experience. Larger events serve as a special venue for a business to interact with its stakeholders as well as to market their products and services. Moreover, a carefully executed event will leave a lasting impression on the stakeholders of the business, which is where we come in. We offer a range of services when it comes to event planning and management such as below:

Branding and Marketing Conference

We are experts in marketing and branding services and help our clients with marketing conferences that are a vital element for product launches. Our professional team carefully plans your conference to ensure all the elements are covered and that your marketing conference is executed seamlessly, without experiencing glitches and challenges. We run simulations and prepare for any adverse situation to ensure we are prepared for all sorts of obstacles.


We are a professional business that is proficient with Event Management and can ensure optimal client satisfaction. We regularly arrange and host seminars as well as conventions for our clients on a small and large scale. Our competent team factors in all the possibilities to offer you an exhilarating experience. We focus on small details and strive for perfection, making your seminars and conventions a success.

Event Budgeting

Budgeting for an event requires careful planning to identify all types of expenses as well as to take up measures to mitigate them. Often, planners fail to identify smaller or hidden costs involved in events that lead to a surge in expenses later. At BOK Business Solutions, we have years of experience in event planning and budgeting, making us an ideal business partner when it comes to budgeting for your event. Our planners encompass all types of costs associated with an event, mitigating the risks of shocks and surprises later.

Event Consulting

Events are costly ventures for any business (small or large), and you need to ensure that you make the most out of any event. Corporate events vary according to industries, but all events require adequate planning to ensure seamless execution. We are professional Event Managers that assist our clients in improving their event plans and execution that not only saves cost but also improves overall efficacy.

Time Management

Any large or small event requires ample time to complete the arrangements on time. The last thing you need is to realize you do not have enough time to complete all the preparations before the event. An event represents your business and its qualities. Poorly managed events would ultimately lower your brand image. BOK Business Solutions can help you manage your event planning and scheduling effectively to avoid any last-minute obstacles.

Grand Openings

If you are planning a grand opening of a new outlet or office, BOK Business Solutions is the best choice in the market. We have years of experience in planning and executing events for various industries and ensure that your standards and expectations are fulfilled. We never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and can truly make your event grand without costing a fortune.

Speaker Management

Motivating employees or inviting guest speakers in an event can surely boost the morale of your stakeholders. However, identifying and scheduling speakers on a short notice can be challenging without professional help. We have a strong network and regularly liaise with credible guest speakers, giving us an edge when it comes to finding the most suitable guest speaker for your event.

Speaker giving talk on podium at Business Conference. Business and Entrepreneurship. Expert presenting his work in lectures hall.
Team Building

BOK Business Solutions does not only provide exceptional business solutions, but also emphasizes on improving internal strengths of the business to increase productivity and efficiency. We are proficient in Team Building exercises, which are known for lowering conflict in the workplace. A unified workforce that works towards a similar objective performs much efficiently compared to a conflicted workforce.

Vendor Selection and Management

If you need to find a pool of vendors that offer the best prices in the market as well as the best quality of products, BOK Business Solutions can be your ultimate solution. We offer convenient and reliable vendor management services, which ensure you always have the best prices in the market. Our efficient team evaluates and obtains quotes from multiple vendors and offers recommendations based on best quality and price.

Venue/Site Booking

Arranging venues for Corporate Events, Seminars, and Conferences require time and effort to identify the most suitable place within your budget. However, BOK Business Solutions maintains an active list of venues and can obtain corporate discounts to acquire your desired venue for highly competitive prices, compared to the market.